Administrative Systems

The Administrative Systems Master Plan is a comprehensive road map for University administrative systems. Developed by the Business Services Committee (BSC) in 2010, the Master Plan articulates three objectives:

  • Create business driven systems and data management
  • Modernize the administrative IT infrastructure
  • Strengthen the systems development process

Historically, the University’s administrative systems were mostly comprised of in-house developed custom applications and some commercial software packages. Although cutting edge when developed, the existing toolsets are near the end of their natural lives, creating a need to migrate to more modern systems that could provide greater support for the University’s academic and research missions.

The Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) is the realization of the Master Plan and oversees projects aimed at modernizing University administrative systems, business processes, data management, and technical architecture. Specifically, ASMP 2.0 scope includes:

  • Implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology
  • Developing a new Financial Data Model
  • Implementing a new technical architecture
  • Implementing a new student administration system and University portal
  • Retiring the University’s decades-old mainframe
  • Developing and implementing a Strategic Reporting Master Plan
  • Creating an Institutional Data Store
  • Implementing Standards and Methodology Processes
  • Implementing a Training Management System for employees

Below is a historical timeline, which outlines the creation of ASMP 2.0, vendor selection for an ERP solution and implementation, and the onboarding of additional projects under ASMP 2.0

  • 2010 – The Business Services Committee (BSC), the IT Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (AIC), and the Administrative IT Leaders (AITL) group begin developing an Administrative Systems Master Plan
  • 2012 – The BSC approves the Master Plan and forms the Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) to achieve the goals laid out in the Master Plan
  • February  April 2013 – Functional area groups define the administrative systems requirements for a new ERP for human resources and financials
  • May 2013 – The University issues a Request for Proposal and responses are scored by 60 campus functional and technical experts
  • September 2013 – The University selects Workday, a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications, for Human Resources, payroll, and financials
  • December 2013 – The University of Texas System Board of Regents approves a contract with Workday

Further information on the Administrative System Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) can be found here.