Administrative Services

The charge of the Asset Services Transformation Subcommittee, per the Committee on Business Productivity Report, Smarter Systems for a Greater UT: Final Report of the Committee on Business Productivity Adobe PDF --

“The Committee will examine the economic impact the federated model of administration has on the economic efficiency at The University of Texas at Austin and will make recommendations to improve that efficiency. Specifically, the Committee will examine how the federated model has been deployed at each college and within the central administrative units and make recommendations concerning how it might be changed to increase efficiency and effectiveness specifically in the areas of financial services, human resource services, technology infrastructure and support and administrative support services.”

Asset Services Transformation Subcommittee Recommendations:

  1. Implement a Shared Administrative Services Model
  2. Increase the Ratio of Strategic Sourcing in Procurement and Capture the Savings 
  3. Investigate University-Specific Administrative Work to Identify Additional Savings 
  4. Create Transformation Organization

Supporting materials, developed by the Asset Services Transformation Subcommittee for the Committee on Business Productivity: