Committee On Business Productivity

Dear Colleagues,

I have made available, via the Transforming UT website, the information collected by the Committee on Business Productivity (CBP) that it used in developing its recommendations.

For those not familiar with the Committee, the CBP was launched in April 2012 to offer advice on how the university’s business operations could be improved to support our core mission of teaching and research. The group was composed of 13 distinguished UT Austin alumni and business leaders. The final recommendations of the CBP are contained in the report that can be found on the Transforming UT website titled Smarter Systems for a Greater UT: Final Report of the Committee on Business Productivity Adobe PDF.

Please keep in mind that this was data collected and used by and for the CBP in making its recommendations. These recommendations do not necessarily reflect those of UT Austin. Rather than simply implement them, President Powers charged me with the responsibility to establish representative campus groups to study each recommendation with the goal of developing our own path forward that is adapted to our campus and its goals.

The information and internal presentations, which were supplied to my office by Accenture on behalf of the CBP as PDFs, have been grouped by subcommittee (Asset Utilization, Technology Commercialization, and Administrative Services Transformation). A section was also created to store a series of status reports.

When I submitted my responses to the Faculty Council resolution about a week ago, I committed to providing the campus with more information pertaining to the work of the CBP, as it becomes available to me. Such information will be posted, as this has, to the Transforming UT website.

Thank you and I appreciate your continued support in our efforts.

Kevin Hegarty
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer