Faculty Resolution: Response to Requests

Request 1

1. A List of the University units that have volunteered for a pilot

The following is a list of university units that are either engaging in experiments in shared services or have volunteered to pilot new experiments in shared services. We will study those who are already engaging in experiments to leverage for the benefit of the entire campus what has already been done and work with those that wish to engage in new experiments to plan and implement them:

  • College of Liberal Arts
  • College of Education
  • McCombs School of Business
  • Moody College of Communication
  • Jackson School of Geosciences
  • Dell Medical School
  • Portfolio of the Chief Financial Officer
  • Central Business Office
  • President’s Office
  • Provost's Office
  • University Athletics Administrative and Business Affairs

The Shared Services Steering Committee is drafting its report and recommendations to the President regarding a go-forward plan for the piloting of shared services on the UT Austin campus. The report to the President, informed by input received during the Campus Dialogue phase, will be published to the campus on the Transforming UT website. At this time and until the President makes a decision regarding the recommendations of the Steering Committee, no units expressing interest in piloting shared services have been selected.