January 2016 Shared Services Update: CBO Client Outreach

The Central Business Office (CBO) is launching "2016 CBO Client Outreach" to meet with you in February! As CBO's clients, you will meet our team members at these on-site meetings. The "2016 CBO Client Outreach" will feature tailored presentations focused on helping you with CBO transactions, highlighting improvements and addressing any questions or concerns.

The CBO is dedicated to assisting colleges and departments with administrative functions such as purchasing, accounting, inventory and human resources. We look forward to seeing you during these "2016 CBO Client Outreach" meetings.

What's on the agenda? People first!

Over the past several months, the CBO has been working diligently on addressing your concerns as we operate within numerous CSUs (colleges, schools and units), including Information Technology Services (ITS), the Office of the President, Dell Medical School, the School of Architecture, and units reporting to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, to name a few.Recently, our processes were refined to be more efficient for you. This growth led to improvements designed with our clients in mind. You trust us to process administrative requests accurately and on a timely basis. We value your trust, and with the “2016 CBO Client Outreach” on-site meetings, we offer the chance for you to: 

  • Meet your CBO representative: You trust us to process transactions. We trust you to provide important information to do this for you accurately, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your trust is valuable to us. Meeting your CBO team member is a step toward building on our trusted business relationship.
  • Share issues, concerns and ask questions: Communication between you and the CBO is key. The on-site meetings will create an ideal setting to share your concerns and focus on questions that will help us help you!
  • Know the process: Get a firsthand look at CBO procedures and gain an understanding of the activity flow. Learning firsthand tips from our pros and knowing the processes for specific transactions will assist you as you strive to do your job efficiently and effectively within your respective CSUs. 

The CBO team looks forward to working with you in 2016. Invitations to attend our upcoming “2016 CBO Client Outreach” on-site meetings will be going out soon. Meet your CBO team, including interface managers who work specifically with your CSU, and help us deliver integrated services that leverage the University’s investments in technology and customer service, together.

Jamie Southerland
Associate Vice President for Shared Services and Business Transformation Initiatives