Asset Utilization

The charge of the Asset Utilization Subcommittee, per the Committee on Business Productivity Report, Smarter Systems for a Greater UT: Final Report of the Committee on Business Productivity Adobe PDF --

“The Committee will examine the current utilization of tangible and intangible assets of The University of Texas at Austin and make recommendations for improvement to enhance the goals and mission of the University. Assets to be examined might include University-owned lands, trademarks and brands, physical facilities, and services such as for housing, food, parking, and books.”

Asset Utilization Subcommittee Recommendations:

  1. Sell Surplus Electricity
  2. Launch Conservation Initiatives
  3. Adopt a Market-Based Approach to Parking Operations
  4. Formalize a Capital Modernization Budget for Housing
  5. Adopt a Market-Based Approach to Food Operations

Supporting materials, developed by the Asset Utilization Subcommittee for the Committee on Business Productivity: