Shared Services Next Steps

The Campus Dialogue phase will officially end on December 13. The Shared Services project team has attended over thirty campus community forums and meetings to discuss the Shared Services draft recommendations.  Below is a series of next steps:

November – December: Update Shared Services Draft Plan and Finalize Recommendations

Campus Dialogue themes will be incorporated into a final plan on shared services for review by the Shared Services Steering Committee. This plan will be the basis for the design phase of shared services and will include a list of colleges, schools, and units (CSUs) that will participate in the pilot phase of the project.

January – February: Presentation of Final Recommendations to Campus

Following review by the Shared Services Steering Committee, the final plan will be shared with President Powers for his review and approval.  Upon approval, President Powers will deliver the plan to campus. A set of supporting documentation will also be published, which will include further information on organizational design, shared services governance model, workforce transition, and other supporting detail.

February: Shared Services Pilot Design

Pending approval, the shared services project team will begin the design and implementation phase of the pilot. Following the pilot phase, a length of which is still to be determined, there will be a campus review period to assess the success of the pilot in achieving our goals (improved service, improved job quality, reduced costs) before deciding on whether to move into a campus-wide implementation phase.